Month: March 2017

Xining two subsidies for families to send warmth

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to improve the standard of urban and rural minimum living guarantee, in order to effectively alleviate the impact of rising prices for the city, resulting in poor urban and rural residents living in our city recently, also launched two important measures of stage city poor families temporary living allowance and water subsidies.

reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau, the stage is a temporary living allowance for the city’s urban poor subsidy system in three persons, guaranteeing that the object of the disabled, orphans and other groups to grant, subsidy standard is 80 yuan per person per month, time is December 2012 to May 2013 issue. City water subsidies low family is to reduce a new policy introduced by up regulation of city water to the city caused by the low family economic pressure, family is paid for four district city residents in our city, a monthly subsidy of 4 tons, per ton of water according to the water price of 0.6 yuan to increase subsidies, subsidy standard is 2.4 yuan per household per month and the payment time for the 2012 11-12 month. At present, two items of subsidies totaling about 1600000 have been by the financial department of the Municipal Finance Bureau allocated to the District, to ensure that at the end of December before the full payment in place. read more

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The fruit of Jin Qiuxi knot Culture a case study of the cultural activities of the cultural cente

"practice, roar Shaanxi, folk Shehuo watch exhibition…… I thought that after retirement, life would be very boring, did not expect the West District Cultural Center has been ready for the general public so many cultural activities feast, let my retirement but more rich and colorful, the culture also has a new understanding, I now feel like a "amateur cultural people"." Uncle Wang is amateur opera practice voice in the team to breathe, cheerfully said.

said "before what culture feel very distant from their own, feeling that things are professionals do, think of the West District Cultural Center also give us these amateurs provides such a good environment and stage, also have their own performance opportunities, is really very happy! Now every day I go to the cultural center rehearsal, but also met a lot of people with the same interests, too interesting." Training is the cultural center of Ms. Chan also feel deep. read more

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Smoking ban expanded the scope of some hospitals in Xining smoking ineffective rectification

since May 1st, the implementation of the "control of smoking regulations in Xining, Xining," the provincial capital of the major hospitals were included in the comprehensive non-smoking area, the hospital canceled smoking room and smoking area. Recently, Xining Wei Planning Commission organized by the Xining municipal health authority, the city’s medical and health institutions to carry out special inspection of law enforcement. In the future, will increase the levels of enterprises, institutions and other social organizations to control smoking work supervision and law enforcement efforts, focused on investigating the departments and individuals do not perform tobacco control work, increase the punishment, the protection of public health.
in the inspection, law enforcement officers randomly to two public hospitals and four private hospitals to carry out a thorough investigation of the smoking ban. From the inspection situation, the major hospitals will be smoke-free work into the daily management of the unit, designated person responsible for posting posters of anti smoking. Each floor and departments are equipped with part-time tobacco control supervisor, wearing armbands to carry out regional ban inspections. The hospital stores to ban cigarettes.

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Xining Hui hospital trial run first hospitalization after settlement service model

To promote the region’s medical and health system reform, to provide more convenient, fast, intimate medical services to the people in the area. Recently, the Xining Hui hospital, the first hospital, after clearing the medical service model began trial run.

the first hospital, after the settlement is east district medical insurance for urban workers, urban residents medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical patients, in the city of Xining Hui hospital do not have to pay a deposit, the hospital formalities directly discharged according to the medical insurance and the new rural cooperative settlement results from patients fill individual self a new model of medical service expense the. The model completely changed the practice of medical institutions for many years, first pay, after hospitalization and no money can not cure, the old service model. "The patient is in urgent need of medical treatment but is unable to pay the medical expenses of first hospitalization, after the settlement of" opened "life Easy Access", to ensure that patients receive treatment is safe and effective for the first time, the possibility of poverty caused by illness, down to the lowest, so that more and more people share the achievements of national health reform. (author: Su Jianping) read more

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Rural tourism with the fire of poor villages

autumn October, the flowers are flourishing on the terrace, in the autumn of October, the people of the village are busy busy". Busy farmhouse, busy bigger and stronger rural tourism, busy planning the new vision of the coming year……

"in previous years, a harvest, the villagers are idle, but this is not the same, in the village cadres under the leadership of our village into a tourist village, watching the tourists gradually increased, we drive more, don’t stop." Huzhu Tu Autonomous County, said Wei Jingbang, chairman of the North terrace tourism services company. read more

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The first generation D card in January 1st next year to seize the card change

Recently, the reporter in Xining City Public Security Bureau West District branch of the interview, the City Public Security Bureau Huzhengbumen investigation, at present Xining West District, there are more than 2 thousand people not timely replacement of the second generation ID card, and the first generation ID card will be in January 1st next year to stop using. The public security organs to remind not redeem the second generation ID card of the public as soon as possible to the area police station. read more

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Xining thirteen was identified as the national student based education Research Experimental School

May 31st, the "health education" research center of experimental school, Ministry of education key project of "health education" experimental base in Xining thirteenth middle school inaugurated, "health education" founder, education experts, South China Normal University professor Guo Sile visited thirteen schools, carry out classroom guidance and participate in the opening ceremony. This marks the province’s education sector began to pay attention to break a class teacher is dominant, the audience is the traditional teaching model. read more

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Xining City Management Committee informed that the recent appearance of environmental sanitation pro

Xining City Management Committee, before the recent of the city environmental sanitation special assessment to the city to make informed, pointed out that although the city on the road of factory, renewable resource recycling stations (points) after the remediation Jeeves phenomenon has been changed, but the family hospital building, urban and rural markets as well as existing Department, sanitation there are many problems in facility management. In this regard, requires the district must be thoroughly rectification before the national day. read more

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Xining City Health Bureau to promote the exchange of experience summary chuangxianzhengyou

January 13, 2011, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau held a system of chuangxianzhengyou activity will sum up the exchange of experience. At the meeting, the first, second, Third People’s Hospital, city CDC, City Health Bureau of health supervision made by the exchange, introduces their specific practices to carry out chuangxianzhengyou activities and achievements. Board members of the team, all units subordinate to the main party responsible for the Party (party), director of the office, the offices responsible person and the masses group attended the meeting on behalf of 41 people. read more

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Qinghai Lake nternational Poetry Festival passion ended

The evening of August 10th, the 4 day of the fifth Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival in tribute to the land, the sky and the sea, the poetry of the great music poetry recitation passion ended. With the theme of "the continuous reform of poetic language and the structure of modern poetry", the festival has invited more than 180 famous poets from more than 44 countries and regions to participate in the world’s five continents. Poetry festival held a forum, Tibetan antelope International Poetry Prize awards ceremony, creation of folk songs, many poetry readings and closing party and other activities, to the attention of the world once again focused the poetic Qinghai in August. read more

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Xining 926 villages 139 communities to complete the general election

Xining City, the village (community) election as a "catch three, three strong" is an important content, responsibility, careful organization, strict procedures, and steadily push forward the work of the election. Currently, the city’s 926 villages, the full completion of the transformation of the 139 communities.

Village (community) since the "two committees" election work started, the establishment of Xining city leadership team members at all levels, at all levels of a general contact point of the 193 leading group member unit contact point 669, the urban county departments directly under the contact point 146, the city’s Village (community) election work to achieve the leadership mechanism, mobilization and establishment point of contact for full coverage. City and County township cadres stationed 3195, sent a steering group of the 18 (municipal level, the district and county of the 16), the implementation of the follow-up guidance for the general election, the whole process of supervision and supervision of the whole process of supervision, supervision and supervision of the whole process, the whole process of supervision, supervision, supervision, supervision, supervision, supervision and supervision of the whole course of the election. According to the central and provincial policies and regulations and guidance documents, the general election is an important content of typical cases, published "Xining city issued a village (community)" committees election manual "more than 1300 books, guidance to carry out general work. The county township to take banners, posters, poster and column, do send SMS, general issued brochures, posted the "open letter" and "clear paper" and other forms of propaganda work of the election related knowledge. read more

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Xining daily necessities daily monitoring system

New Year’s Day approaching, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce launched daily necessities market monitoring system. The relevant departments will be based on the sales price to the necessities of life and the sample of 25 enterprises, large fluctuations, the prices of goods out of stock supply shortage, the abnormal situation timely regulation, on the operation of the market tendency, signs of problems as soon as possible to make a judgment.

Xining 25 sample companies since December 28th, every day before 10 points, the day before the daily necessities of the market sales and prices. In order to guarantee the market supply during the holiday season, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce will focus on strengthening the grain, oil, meat, vegetables and other recent price increases market monitoring fast goods, increase grain, edible oil, meat, eggs, vegetables and other necessities of the market; to organize a group of cheap goods on the market, maintain the market price stability; according to market changes, timely delivery of adequate tissue key reserve goods, meet the consumer demand. Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce responsible person, Business Bureau will severely crack down on all kinds of illegal price and disguised price behavior, follow the trend of prices and curb unreasonable price increases, and resolutely stop all kinds of goods for luxury packaging, reduce costs, reduce the burden on consumers. read more

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Western form to celebrate Teacher’s Day

The morning of September 9th, west district party secretary Wu Tianxiao led the four team members came to Wenhui Road Primary School, visit condolences to work in line with representatives of outstanding teachers, poor teachers, to send them flowers and festive greetings, thank them for their hard work. In the thirtieth teacher’s Day approaching, the West District in the "grand, warm, pragmatic, simple," the principle of careful planning, organizing a variety of teacher’s day celebrations. Even Japan, West District held a retired teacher to show sympathy on behalf of the organization; the area education workers representatives, school principals, kindergarten teachers’ Day held the fraternity, talked about the development of education in western, new ideas on the development of the western campus culture construction and characteristic education; visit condolences outstanding teachers, poor teachers, retired teachers more than 300 passengers. West district also vigorously promote the deeds of advanced models, deepen the results of moral education, enhance the majority of teachers’ sense of honor, sense of responsibility and mission, to contribute to the region’s educational reform and development. In another development, the morning of September 10th, West District will be commended 88 dedication, outstanding achievements, noble morality, recognized by the masses of excellent teachers.   read more

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Xining West District Organization Department sent to the grassroots spiritual food

in order to further improve the grass-roots party organizations and Party building work, Xining City West District Organization Department according to the actual situation of the grass-roots party organizations, raising 526 million 200 thousand yuan of funds for the Party (workers) committee, communities and rural areas, organs, schools, the Party branch of retired cadres sign book of more than 10 kinds of newspapers and journals, to the party organizations and Party members grassroots send spiritual food". read more

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First you gimbap authentic Korean flavor snack

we now living convenience is that Chinese can not imagine, the other not only about our food and beverage market, now we need a visa to go abroad will be able to eat authentic foreign meal in the home, the land and catering operators will do the same to a Korean delicacy, let you indoors can taste the delicacy.


the first brand was founded in May 2009, is a Korean fast food project high standard Beijing food catering management limited accessibility far meticulously. First you uphold the quintessence of Korean food culture gimbap, stick to the traditional production process, and on the basis of excellence, continuous innovation, through market research and practice of scientific exploration, to develop the most suitable for the development of China Korean fast food chain business model. Because of accurate market positioning, unique style of products, quality service, perfect management system, with the first person you unremittingly pursue perfect quality spirit, first you Korean fast food has already set a good brand image in the market today. read more

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Lay the foundation to meet the Basics inspection work

To successfully passed the national assessment, according to the "two basics" education schools in Xining City, part of the obligation of teaching instrument and music equipment, books, information technology education equipment running condition is not up to the inspection standards, according to the Provincial Department of education of school conditions the requirements and address gaps, tianpingbuqi "principle, the municipal finance department actively with the relevant departments of the provincial, municipal and district coordination, to further clarify the objectives, implement the responsibility to rely on, take the initiative as a positive school to urge the teaching equipment, audio equipment, books and other body beauty check inventory, according to the provincial standard to identify vacancies; on the other hand raising tianpingbuqi funds read more

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Chase more than 50 kinds of high quality agricultural products exhibition of Modern nternational Ag

recently, in the Beijing agricultural exhibition hall held the sixth session of the 2015 China China international modern agricultural fair in our province, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Organization 13 Datong brand exhibitors in 12 categories of more than and 50 varieties, is popular with our customers both at home and abroad and the masses, during the fair and 16 domestic and international the enterprise signed a cooperation agreement.

in recent years, through a variety of ways of propaganda show, Datong agricultural products to attract more and more new and old customers come. In the agricultural fair, distinctive vermicelli, egg oil, soil and other products, is waiting for the masses attracted sold out. During the exhibition, rich in plateau characteristics of raspberry wine, nectarine debut International Fair, with its unique quality and taste by the vast number of consumers and customers praise and welcome. read more

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First harmless sludge treatment project landing

September 14th, the city’s first sludge harmless treatment of resource utilization PPP project officially landed. The project is the city’s sludge harmless treatment and the use of two technical projects, and strive to put into operation during the year.

is reported that the project total investment of 150 million yuan, the construction site is located in Nanjing Road, a total of more than 3 kilometers, Yin Shan landfill landfill on the southeast side, with a total area of about 42.585 acres. The implementation of the project will further promote social capital through franchising in Xining city infrastructure investment and operation, promote Xining to create a national model city of environmental protection work to a new level. read more

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North demolished 7000 square meters of illegal housing

November 14th, north of the city construction, district urban management organization, land, public security and other departments to carry out joint law enforcement, to demolish dabuzi Wu Zhong Cun 3 illegal construction, a total of more than 7 thousand square meters. This year, the city government at least once a week to organize a joint law enforcement, in order to continue to crack down on illegal construction of high pressure.

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