Month: May 2017

What is the way to see through the scam

in the current venture capital market, the number of real sincere business opportunities are few, more business opportunities are just under the guise of investment fraud. Shopping malls such as the battlefield. Not all of the brands are in order to join the brand to do the brand, but in order to get the maximum profit in the shortest possible time, carefully arranged a legal trap, waiting for you do not care to jump inside. So, how do we identify the join scam?

what do you do when you want to know something about the brand? read more

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Secret MLM scam Lu’an Trina annual income of up to 540%

"the sky does not come out of the pie", some uninformed investors when making investment, a low rate of return value only while ignoring the authenticity, resulting in their money did not earn a lot of money has been a roll and empty.

recently, users have to finance the 360 broke the news that "Anhui Lu’an SkyTeam Co., the two day of the accident, is to invest 4000 yuan for two months can get 7600 yuan, but this two days do not send money, the company has also been seized, do not know how it is". read more

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What is the key to the hot season operation

winter comes, what the catering industry ushered in its spring, of course, is a hot pot restaurant. Hot pot industry is a horse industry, a large Hot pot are the leading enterprises in the sea; leading small Hot pot is Inner Mongolia’s flag is Hot pot sipping Xiabu; little sheep; fish Hot pot leader is xinladao; however, the next I want to tell you that these brands are actually Hot pot, "insider". Inside is the Hot pot industry chiefs, and the National more than 2 thousand behind is actually a bottle of sesame. read more

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Some tips for a beverage business

now choose catering to join entrepreneurs are very many, many entrepreneurs choose a chain of liquor stores, drinks do business should pay attention to proper methods and skills to find investment, catering to join the market to find ways to get higher returns, a look!

select join form, which can reduce some difficulties in the initial purchase and management. Such as material backlog, personnel training, etc..

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Successful entrepreneurs often have the habit of thinking

thinking habits affect people’s actions, that is, good habits of thinking can bring good results of action. If you want to succeed, you have to have a good habit of thinking, do you want to know what are the habits of successful entrepreneurs? Let’s have a look.

1, to develop the necessary good habits.

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Xu remember how to join hamburger

be familiar with the people in Shaanxi snacks project is probably the hamburger, many catering franchisees to invest Xu Kee hamburger, but do not know how to join, so small I will for you to make the following introduction, I hope to help you.

Xu Kee hamburger joining conditions:

1, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age, with an independent civil capacity.

2, agree with the brand management concept, market positioning, corporate culture.

3, shop early, need to bring sufficient investment funds. read more

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There is no easy life but there are persistent struggle

life is not always care outside Everything is going smoothly., encounter such tempestuous waves. A rural girl, after graduating from high school into the City venture back to the sea, to create a brilliant, was the county champion private tax. A special failure, so that the peak of her career from the bottom of the valley, almost nothing.

1980 years after graduating from high school, Liu Xianmei road from village home Zhao hometown to Jiangshan County, he opened a tailor shop in the city with the elder sister. Six months later, the eldest sister shut the tailor shop, and her husband went out to beekeeping. Liu Xianmei, who has been a master tailor, has opened a tailor’s shop.

1984 years, her "bee farm" tax amount to the top of the whole country private tax first, the taxes paid by the state owned private enterprises accounted for 1/10 of the total tax. At that time, she paid millions of dollars a year.

"Waterloo life" career development, a good life, Liu Xianmei has a new idea. 1992, Liu Xianmei felt her daughter is 8 years old, career development is stable, want to go to college for further study. After a few years in the tailor’s shop read more

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Shanghai Songjiang District launched a new deal to attract returnees and other outstanding talent s

innovation and entrepreneurship to talent as the largest capital, China to encourage returnees entrepreneurs, issued a number of preferential policies to attract returnees settled. Shanghai city recently launched the talents of the new deal, for entrepreneurial talent "teshiteban", so that more talented people can get benefit.

a returned from studying in the United States doctoral tutor Professor, Chen Shan botanical garden is engaged in scientific research, because the returned talents household registration in the city for the delay, causing his children not in school this fall before the entrance of Shanghai hukou, facing difficulties. From the view of his subordinate units, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Life Science Research Institute of Songjiang is not belonged to the unit, but the Songjiang District talent to do a step forward, multi-party coordination, strive for "teshiteban", finally successfully solve the problem of talent education of children. The returnees became the first beneficiaries of the new deal Songjiang talent. In the future, such beneficiaries will be more and more. read more

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How to open a small noodle shop coup

if you want to do business, it is recommended that you open a noodle shop, because the noodle shop is a small business, the risk is relatively low. Venture to open a noodle shop, is also a good choice, with their own delicious food, coupled with the intentions of the business, but also very profitable. However, I would like to open a noodle shop, but also a skill.

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Juyuan screens investment worry shop

screen to join the project selection, has been very business opportunities, with the strength of choice. Easy to learn fast start, successful venture worthy of trust. Giant screen window? Have the advantage of choice. If you join the giant screen project, is also very exciting. Act up! Come and leave a message!


Xiaobian think this project is very good? Because Juyuan screens for products covered on both sides of the Changjiang River, ordinary Jiezhuang window series, hotel, hotel, office building doors and windows series, the product structure is complete! We have a series of products 18 sun room 2, sliding doors and windows 8, flat open doors and windows 8. Which open doors and windows, including ground bombs, rotation, high air tightness and letters, inside and outside the doors and windows open, loved by the industry elite consumer groups and trust. read more

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Hot in the world cup sponsors and how to fight

four years of football World Cup is like a global Festival, as the world’s most popular sports, its strong response is obvious. For companies around the world, the global audience in their eyes is a veritable gold mine, the official sponsor of the world cup is even more so.

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Jewelry stores location points

can afford jewelry products are mainly concentrated in what areas, businesses should be open to these shops. In fact, there are many aspects of the jewelry store location needs to think about the problem, if you want to succeed in the site, to learn about.

has convenient traffic conditions. Traffic problem is very important for everyone, the convenience of the location of the store traffic is one of the important factors that directly affect the flow of customers. Generally speaking, the number of customers entering the store is proportional to the local traffic volume. Downtown traffic is very convenient, there are many bus routes to choose from, convenient for customers to shop to buy. Jewelry store in order to concentrate in the downtown business downtown, professional clothing blocks, large living area or the surrounding school is better. read more

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2016 China the safest city rankings on the list the whole of Heilongjiang

China is a country with a vast territory, the economic development of each city is different, and the influence in society is also different. Recently, the China Urban Competitiveness Research Institute in Hongkong released 2016 China’s most secure city rankings, Jiamusi list. It is understood that the China city competitiveness research will be selected China main features of the safe city is: when no serious safety accidents, good social order, investment environment, production accident less hair, consumer product safety, ecological sustainable development, can provide a good information environment and strong information security for citizens and enterprises and the government. read more

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Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of six kinds of purchase channels

generally, purchase channels are the following six kinds, respectively is the wholesale purchase, factory direct purchase, wholesalers purchase, purchase foreign products or OEM, eat into stocks or clearance products and find special purchase channels. These six channels have their own advantages and disadvantages. The following is a detailed analysis, just interested can look at.

1, wholesale market purchase

this is the most common purchase channels, if your business is clothing store, then you can go around some large wholesale market to purchase services, in the wholesale market purchase need to have strong bargaining power, and strive to be the price pressure to a minimum, and to establish a good relationship with wholesalers, on the exchange of goods on the issue with the wholesalers that day so as not to dispute. read more

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Entrepreneurship should have what conditions

      the people around them become more and more rich through entrepreneurship, is not the heart feel itch to join the ranks of entrepreneurship?. But what are the conditions for starting a business and the best time to start a business? That’s probably a lot of questions for entrepreneurs.

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How entrepreneurial project esse beans Aquarium

entrepreneurial choice interesting to join the project, is the very choice of market development space. How hi beans aquarium? Have the advantage of the brand to join the project, open their own aquarium stores esse beans, no doubt, is a very wise choice!

ensure the smooth development of aquarium stores esse beans, is not only good location, the opening of these steps will be enough, of course not, the management of a bean aquarium store has many hi details and requirements to learn, especially the first venture, must understand business methods, avoid the performance is not ideal, after analysis method master the operation of aquarium stores all esse beans read, will be able to master some skills of read more

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Wonderful words are a good choice jelly join Fashion

with the advent of summer quietly, we demand for food has always been a very demand. What about fashion jelly? Healthy delicious new choice. Join the wonderful words fashion jelly project, open a wonderful word of their own jelly jelly stores, no doubt, is a very wise choice!

now, young people and children are the main consumer groups. Wonderful words fashion jelly is a series of products which are specially designed for young people and a combination of jelly and ice cream. A variety of fashion elements into the West diet, has developed a variety of natural materials to the main characteristics of jelly ice cream products, unique taste, and special effect of health and beauty, love has been more and more people. read more

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A young man of 6000 yuan investment loans 3 years to earn 10 million

delicious barbecue, think about to eat, especially the advent of the night, the street snack stalls stand up, the scene of the scene of your appetite. Barbecue business small investment, you can make the wealth of life. Today the whole network Xiaobian for you to tell a guy 6000 yuan investment when the catering manager barbecue business stories!

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A fish how to join the sub

catering industry is always a sunrise industry in the commercial market, although there are many kinds of delicious brands, but there is not much strength. A sub grilled fish as new delicious food and beverage industry, the market is quite popular, not only is the new darling of consumers, more investment upstart! How ‘sub fish to join?

how to join ‘sub fish? A fish to join what is sub conditions?

‘s sub join conditions:


1, who joined the sub fish investors should have independent legal personality, high recognition of the brand, business philosophy and management mode is the headquarters of the. read more

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How can join DY life Museum a of baking

why are you in DTY hall inside to see consumers are happy, smiling, why DTY shop there are couples, friends or lovers, because DTY can bring consumers the most sincere emotional communication in the Department of consumption at the same time, the market good reputation DTY Museum of baking life Museum, of course today is such a brand project — can we recommend DIY baked living museum.

can DIY living museum is the first DIY baking cake shop in Shenzhen Longgang is located in Shenzhen city Longgang District Pearl City, a beautiful environment, comfortable, clean, convenient transportation. Chain store operation, development as the primary goal, to fashion casual, creative ideas for the brand, to improve the quality of products and services for the industry demands. read more

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