Month: June 2017

Do you have an entrepreneurial gene

entrepreneurship is a hot topic in the world, a lot of people affected by the impact of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship began to heart. Recently, some experts said that some people will naturally be adventurous entrepreneurs, because it is determined by the nature of your body may have entrepreneurial genes.

now, what is the ratio of a do business more thrilling? But do you really have a gene in your body? Are some people born to be more likely to become entrepreneurs? It sounds like a trap for the theory of endowments, but some entrepreneurs and medical researchers have really studied the topic. In fact, this is the field of entrepreneurship research has been debated for more than 40 years of the topic. read more

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Xi’an entrepreneurial enterprises can enjoy government subsidies to boost the development of SMEs

business in modern society is a very important thing, whether you are young or middle-aged women, or some people or the elderly, can go to the business, and now the whole society is very encouraging entrepreneurial action.

7 months, the Xi’an municipal government will be adopted by the principle of promoting the innovation of the public entrepreneurship guidance. The views put forward, the implementation of college students pioneering and innovative experimental program, the establishment of mentors, universities, institutions, the government multi-level entrepreneurial support system. Encourage colleges and universities to establish and improve the entrepreneurial innovation training mechanism, open up a special entrepreneurial space, the creation of entrepreneurship education courses, entrepreneurship guidance, and into the credit management. read more

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How about the Western chicken

is China western poverty area, western development history is famous, to make people’s lives in the West has improved, the western people in the hearts of the people have always been industrious, brave, tenacious, outgoing personality and sincere and friendly, kind, tolerant, Western food is not in general, for example, in the west the visitor market will carry forward the national characteristics of chicken food culture, create excellent brand of national characteristics catering for oneself, innovation, advance with the times, constantly to glory. Western food selection options to join the Western visitors to join the chicken on the right. read more

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How to arrange special funds for tourism in Sichuan 2016

in the process of economic development, the development of tourism, for our economic development has injected new vitality, through the development of tourism, effectively promote the local economic development. Sichuan, tourism and cultural industries outstanding characteristics, the development of tourism industry, is a very wise choice! So, Sichuan 2016 tourism special funds how to arrange?

according to the "People’s Republic of China government information disclosure regulations" "Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance on comprehensively promoting administration according to law financial law accelerate legal finance construction implementation opinions" provisions, the 2016 provincial tourism development funds arrangements are announced as follows. read more

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Owners need to play a good role in the membership card

in order to attract repeat customers, so that the shop has more customers, and now many shops will take a business strategy such as membership cards. In short, in today’s society, the increasingly fierce competition in business. Businesses in order to increase the profits of their enterprises, gathered their own network of resources, bound consumers. To change their marketing strategy, choose to use the membership card and the integral card business model, in order to develop new customers, retain old customers, has two through the card back rate to win customers, to create their own huge power network. read more

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What is the secret of making money in a low cost entrepreneurial program

many people are aimed at the low cost of entrepreneurial projects, want to through the small capital business entrepreneurial wealth, but for small business operators, how long can make money and gradually grow develop business goals. The most important thing is to focus on small business, in order to win the customer first.

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Why Machida Zushi will become the first choice for investors

Japanese dishes you are most familiar with is the sushi, as a simple and unique taste, to a certain extent, can meet the needs of the people on diet nutrition and health, it will definitely have a more popular sushi restaurant sales market. So for those who want to enter the food and beverage industry, you open a sushi shop, a good business will certainly be able to win a favorable market position. So sushi brand project which is more reliable? Xiao Bian recommended for you Machida Zushi.

Machida Zushi is the core of the concept of "inheritance of Chinese food culture" as the core of fast food chain. Enjoy a good reputation and reputation in the consumer, now has 390 chain stores, store environment clean and tidy, stylish decoration, every day for more than 10000 consumers to provide satisfactory service. The company vigorously promote brand sushi specialization, popularization, standard management, provides a unified storefront, shop to shop, VI design, unified standard service procedures, control standard, unified management, unified management, unified training and technical guidance, development and implementation of the examination the optimal domestic system. To ensure the quality of products, the company unified procurement of raw materials, products of uniform distribution, and established the strict health and quality supervision system and quality inspection feedback tracking system, ensure food safety, so that customers feel at ease, rest assured! Machida sushi to join read more

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Smart home development space to join a good choice for Entrepreneurship

the rapid development of economy, the development of the times, and now high-tech products for people to provide a more efficient and convenient living conditions. In particular, the recent development of the smart home industry market, especially hot, smart home market size showed rapid growth, the industry has entered a rapid development period. Smart home market fiery, entrepreneurial join a good choice!

recently, market research data show that in 2016 the U.S. smart home market size of $9 billion 700 million, becoming the world’s largest smart home market. 2015 China smart home market size of 40 billion 340 million yuan, an increase of 41%, is expected in 2018, China’s smart home market size will reach $130 billion, the average annual compound growth rate of about 48%. read more

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Selection of venture capital projects recommended

every year a lot of rookie into the business of the ocean, and then was a raging tide can not find the north. In the entrepreneurial failure, there are more than half of the people feel that the venture capital project selection error. Exactly how to choose the right direction? Recommendations in accordance with the number of venture capital to decide.

1. want to venture capital (3-5 million):

can look for less money for entrepreneurial projects, such as city express, purchasing consignment, stall, use their resources and their advantages of both bridge (with other people’s money management), the use of the Spring Festival and other special festivals or fairs, small batch and multi cycle operation of small projects, such as: New Year paintings, the characteristics of Arts and crafts, fruits, and other specialty, the accumulation of capital and experience. The key lies in the accumulation stage, so entrepreneurs do not greedy big success. read more

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Entrepreneurial nail shop location techniques which

beauty is the need to pay more attention to every little detail, is an important territory of even a small nail is beautiful, now many entrepreneurs are aware that whatever you do is what business location is very important, related to the future business. Open a nail shop, and now is the choice of many entrepreneurs, hot market demand and good prospects for development, have aroused the concern of everyone. About entrepreneurship nail shop location technology, following with everyone to understand. read more

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