Month: July 2017

The latest search engine search algorithm Rookie version

has not written for a long time, today, while the new station was Baidu included opportunities to write their own feelings and feelings.

I was contacted in 2003 of the Internet, but most of the number of time is wasted in the game and QQ chat, really do stand for 07 years until the second half of the time is not long, in the eyes of the majority of owners is the rookie rookie, also don’t know how to get links to SEO and promotion. So the rookie rookie website login method, the major search engines are mostly for the most ancient, the search engine to provide, at most webmasters will laugh, but no way, I am the only rookie only learned this. (please do not laugh oh) < /p>According to my previous read more

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Sweet bread to rise up the road to tell us what truth

with the concept of "Internet plus", the catering industry O2O mode is widely started, this concept first came from the United States, the popular point is to bring consumers online to the store to the consumer. (online to offline)


2016, try wading O2O catering projects greatly reduced, not because of the Internet catering demand is a false proposition, but because after 2014, 2015, two years after the trial, has been posted on the death label no one ran to the road to pay tuition fees (such as chef home business); be beneficial to be verified the combination of homing pathway (public comment & hungry); there are a part of the "Curve Wrecker", to try to rationalize huge responsibility proposition own attempt (Huang Taiji from a takeaway takeaway business resource integration, industry changes); and finally there is a lucky. Their success is because of its congenital genetic management category to it is more suitable for the Internet to sell this road, such as honey, rock salad blood hot dogs, and I want to introduce today’s brand: Sweet send face Package. read more

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WeChat operating skills list all dry goods a little moisture is not

1. combination of content and voice

it’s fun to use speech if the conditions permit. Of course, also depends on positioning, referring to WeChat number: Luo Ji Thinking

2, interactive

WeChat is not a newspaper, WeChat’s natural attribute is private social networking, so to say, then interact with your fans privately, or build a group, or back in the background, or add friends.

suggests: push the article behind and add a discussion session to create a topic that can be communicated to the reader, or with your own micro signal, QQ information. read more

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Six principles of homepage design for news websites

at present, China’s key news websites have completed the strategic layout throughout the country, and entered the rapid development stage. According to the "statistical report on the development of China’s Internet network" released in January CNNIC2009, the Internet news in China in 2008 has been developing rapidly, and the number of online news users has reached 234 million. News websites have undoubtedly become the main positions of public opinion propaganda, and their status as the fourth media has been further consolidated and expanded due to the expansion of the audience groups and the enhancement of their influence. Facing the "playboy" Internet users in the information ocean, how to effectively provide them with rich and convenient news and information services is the most important strategic planning of the key news websites. The news website design is the first step in the implementation of the strategic development plan, crucial to take this step, because the home page is the hub of news website providing news information, plays a key recommendation and fast retrieval function. The characteristic homepage can seize the hearts of Internet users at once, and guide them to experience the fast and convenient information service, thus effectively meet the needs of Internet users for news and information. read more

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Site operated by pay per click

(this article is suitable for advertising and web site operators with a certain base)

There are a lot of

pay per click advertising schemes, typically Google adsense.

yes, as the name suggests, a click amount equals an income.

, and advertising has a display number, that is, the number of times the ad is displayed on the web.

and click through rate, we can roughly understand: (hits / display) *100%= click rate.

, who has participated in the Google Adsense program, knows that the click rate should not be too high. read more

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Nine cases tell you what the value of the operation is


from pixabay

text / Korean, Syria,

note: this view I wrote six months ago, this time to do the content of the upgrade, more detailed, more cases, you do more self-criticism.

although operators are carrying KPI, but the value of the operation of the product is not the core indicators of ascension, this is just a manifestation of value. I think the value of operations can be described in three ways: delivering value, creating ecology, and creating gameplay. The following is specific:

transfer value, the core value of the product through the means of operation passed to the user read more

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n the information age we live on information

human development has gone through the stone age, the bronze age, the iron age, the steam age, the electrical age, and now we have entered the information age. In the information era is the first productivity, if you do not grasp the information, if you come, you are likely to lag behind the whole society, even to be eliminated, grasp the information, in order to grasp the future.

webmaster navigation site introduced a lot of webmaster related website information, I quite like, join favorites. Entering the ranks of owners is not a long time, the webmaster information know less, always wanted to find some webmaster information websites to supplement knowledge, an ample supply of food, good to the webmaster ranks. Today, I’m grateful to find a window like the webmaster navigation website. read more

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Adsense suffering experience from garbage to local professional station transformation

began to learn to do web site in 07 years, but has been diving in A5, diving for a long time, are learning to master, thank A5, I grew up a lot, so that my site has grown a lot. Write today’s debut, can only be said to be a novice article, please criticize me.

as webmaster, our purpose is nothing more than two: 1, interest, 2, make money. I am also fully experienced these two states of mind, from the beginning of interest in doing web sites in order to make money, in order to live to operate the website. Now the entire webmaster experience and share with you. read more

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Do the roundabout tactics you need to know about the website navigation station

first, do not do comprehensive, certainly no way out. Online copy of a pile of who is not used, why not use your


second, speed is the key, do not care how people outside the visit, at least the local access speed is good.

third, don’t believe that some Bai tie or wise remark of an experienced person to know 100 Du outside the chain method, publicity and so on and so on, be careful K station.

fourth, often do the chain, does not mean that to the flooding of the chain, but a kind of high PR station quality of the chain. read more

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Hefei Home Expo opening soon eye catching

With the development of economy, people pay more and more attention to the construction of the home, and the choice of the household products becomes more and more important.

. The tenth Hefei Home Expo will be held at the beginning of November 18th at nine am, which has attracted the attention of countless people, it is understood that the home fair smart home appliances will become the protagonist

exhibition specification upgrade to "national"

it is understood that the Ministry of industry for the first time as a co organizer, will be released for five consecutive years in the exhibition energy efficiency star evaluation results. The national clean up and standardize the celebration activities of the forum and seminar work leading group has a formal reply to the provincial government agreed to, held in Hefei Home Expo exhibition activities, as a "national specification". read more

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Analysis how to play the electricity supplier website promotion network

after 2014 Ma create the myth of the electricity supplier baptism, many traditional companies are building their own websites and the network market in 2015 as the core competitiveness, so, how to efficiently promote their own electricity supplier website, today I will discuss something with you through the actual combat.

in preparing to do network promotion before, we want to determine four directions: 1., website / product positioning 2., promotion target 3., promotion crowd 4. promotion range. read more

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How does Camus keep personal blogs updated daily

in recent years, personal blog has become more and more popular, some of the industry counterparts, regardless of large and small, have their own personal blog. Blogging seems simple, but it takes a lot of willpower, and many people give up because they can’t keep it up. Blog is used to write, can be technology, can be life, can be experience, can also be the view. Then, after we have a personal blog, the most difficult thing is content. A blog, if it can be updated every day, the best, let visitors every time to see the new content, can not only allow visitors to understand and timely relevant knowledge, better able to explain the blog resources is very rich. read more

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Brand quality plays an important role in the construction of talent network

talent net is to provide talents and enterprise job recruitment services in a particular area or industry network platform, in view of the network’s unpredictability and competition, the brand image of the website construction plays a very important role in the development of talent network. Brand image construction refers to the customer’s trust and recognition of the website, and it also represents the popularity and reputation of the website in a certain range. If a talent network does not provide a trusted impression, the site will experience many setbacks during its long course of development. read more

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deas about how to edit and plan websites for medical websites

in the current hospital network marketing, the layout of the website is more and more beautiful. The art level and layout are endless. But no matter how the revision, there is still no innovation, that is, add articles. Edit articles have not changed. I’m mainly talking about editing and planning thinking.

for the medical industry, the hospital network marketing site construction. I can’t help reflecting on myself. Is it really good to do this? I have a few points to discuss with you. If you are wrong, I hope you don’t laugh. read more

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Exposing the stationmaster to hire for clever deception

night has been deep, looking up to heaven, may emit a faint light, it indicates that life has dark


in this quiet night, calm heart free to browse the site, suddenly saw a picture from the Ali Mama advertising platform, marked "recruiting part-time, online questionnaire data, interviewed staff requirements: 20-49 years old Shanghai Guangzhou permanent residents of Beijing, I am in Guangzhou with a click of the mouse link, open the site is, the web page is about the recruitment advertisement, now year advertisement everywhere is not what can be surprising. If the two posts on the web attracted my attention, it reads as follows: read more

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Local flea market website operation experience

now go to the market, 58 nets, word of mouth network popular, as a grassroots local classification network, how to survive, we should ponder the subject, I hope we have more time to talk about more exchanges. I’m the owner of the flea market in Shanghai. I’ve been in the flea market for 5 years. Here’s my talk about the flea market.

first, a good name domain name, but also easy to search, found that the domain name of the domain name is easy to search engine search.

second, the contents of the gatekeeper, read more

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Link transactions need to choose a reliable trading platform

SEO for the importance of the site is self-evident, so personal AdSense for website SEO optimization never tired of. At present, most of the search engines on the site is an important indicator of the chain, the chain has become a search engine to distinguish between the quality of the site is an important criterion for good or bad. Whether it is Baidu or Google, for the evaluation of the chain has its own standards. For example, the PR value of Google, Baidu snapshot date, the amount of income of the site and so on. Therefore, the regular increase in high quality effective external chain, you can quickly improve the site’s ranking in search results. Do a good job of the site of the chain, not only a web site to quickly promote the shortcut, but also greatly reduce the cost of promotion. While the SEO market confusion to some extent make links to resources become an important weapon in fight each other for each site. read more

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Four highlights of the website’s own charm

Now many webmaster

enterprises and individuals are doing their own website, but why do they have to do their own websites? Do what benefits? What can bring benefits to us? This is from the website to analyze its charm.

1: website has the function of mining potential customers


in the beginning of construction site you should think of yourself is what to do? What are the face of the customer groups? How to build a website to facilitate customers better, all on their way to think about the problem. With their interests as the starting point, the content of the website to take the customer demand as the benchmark, as far as possible to your website in the customer, to meet his needs, no need to go to other places to do more on the spot, it will bring him to your site identity, you will successfully tap the potential customers. read more

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Keyword selection is only base layout is the top priority

many of their rankings remain perplexed despite much thought, the same as the original, outside the chain of why their site ranking has stagnated, the website links, content analysis also found no problems. In fact, if the webmaster you encounter this type of problem, then you can think about whether it is the keyword of the website layout is correct, we need to know in the choice of site keywords, keywords layout reasonable website is the core foundation to improve website ranking, combined with the author himself to several websites talk about the key words on the website of the reasonable layout. read more

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