Month: August 2017

Way to talk about the new website that the spider included faster

but in a station group in the process, I often encounter new after the establishment of the site, is also the two websites just opened after though was immediately spider seconds, but the two level domain name web site update in a very long period of time has been included and release. Then the two level domain keywords to naturally disappeared, at this time, how should we do, can put the two level domain name updates as soon as possible to collect and release

, I believe many of my friends have ever heard of the concept of "station group", that is to say, a lot of websites, and then through these sites to transfer the weight to each other. You know, use white hat method to optimize the two websites, the website ranking, as long as willing to insist is not difficult, after all, two level domain name more than two directory weights, after the top-level domain, it is very helpful for keyword optimization, as long as our web server enough, so get a lot of two websites to stand swarm optimization is to make very good keywords ranking. read more

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We must choose reasonable optimization keywords

Allow all doubt in the website of the importance of

finally, alone one’s own strength and wisdom for the love of Shanghai keywords ranking optimization, it is time-consuming, from other similar websites using the keywords, layout, inspiration, for their site keywords can leak filled, of course, also can use some third party keyword analysis software, is time-saving and labor, but also bring to significantly improve the efficiency of.

again, and try to make the words more words, words a little longer. Because users have such a habit in the query by a search engine, often only a small amount of input word query, if the keyword is short, the chances of being searched must no longer keyword opportunities, so the choice of key word longer is one of the effective ways to improve the retrieved. read more

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About Shanghai dragon long tail word selected from the Titanic 3D version released

      the first time in text A5, hope that the exhibitions predecessors! Www.huangqilin贵族宝贝 the source of Dazhou, Shanghai and Phoenix, please indicate the source.

      this is the so-called event effect, when the production of a popular event, triggered by the Internet users search. But if your site has a special also talked about the matter, so it is likely to bring some traffic. Of course, if your site is attractive and may bring some loyal users. The following photo card:
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From the site instruction casesensitive thinking on love Shanghai search weight

, domian, site commands are case insensitive, let me put the final target in the search engine to determine and understand the weight, think up to now, thousands of hands after the size of the site case, but never wrote a story about love Shanghai search engine weight thought of the article, summed up today a, give yourself in Shanghai Longfeng until now experience a summary of key words.

on the topic of quantization, I talk about individual view: for example the snapshot date update time, the number of included quantity, keywords ranking position data can determine a site is how much weight in love in Shanghai, if the weights can be divided into 1-10, rely on the quantitative data of different can determine the weight of the website how much. read more

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Love Shanghai station PingTai Railway Station idea chain audit standard full disclosure

5, member account sharing website are related to privacy risk can not be audited by

3, landing pages, registration pages, customer service page, search box, software download page by page, but the landing page and the registration page only through a search results page can not be audited by

chain 贵族宝贝abc贵族宝贝/Soft/201309/296115.shtml (game download page)


1, affiliation audit standard

page content

two, the main / sub chain audit standard


2) not between chain and main chain, chain and chain repeat, cannot be identical or highly similar read more

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Knowledge payment how to seize business opportunities in a shared economy failed in the nternet bu

unfortunately, our team is almost a mortgage also have children, struggling in the various companies in the ordinary people in the workplace, the few unmarried also ran the Pauper to get married to buy a house to live like me.

such a team, money, no money, time, no time. 2013-2016, the team is all part-time work, the efficiency is very slow. In 2016, three people resigned and invested with other part-time people. However, even so, in the process of a continuously put forward, the reason.

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As of Shanghai dragon service provider you should pay attention to the problem

There are a lot of

there is no special Shanghai Longfeng professional, enterprise customers of Shanghai Longfeng information is obtained from the network. These limitations exist, such as accuracy and timeliness of the information and other factors. Enterprise customers are often just a smattering of Shanghai dragon. You may be due to some problems such as tag specification, PR and customer value problem on time. This is not only in what help and may hinder the work of the work. When you try to explain your work through a simple and easy way. Talk to them you will bring them the benefits of the site. Where can you use to analyze the past successful experience optimization. read more

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Graphic detailed love Shanghai promotion search word report

set up, generate reports, when the data is not more than 5000, will be directly displayed in the interface, you can also download; when more than 5000 pieces of data, you can only download, download the excel file for advice. In the search word report, but also need to use a EXCEL function to do the matching of keywords, select search keywords, I use this function: =IF (COUNTIF (I2:I2, H2) > 0, H2, ", Excel;) means the judgment, different items between the two columns, I2H2 according to the personal statement to download, the default search terms report is this. (I made changes shown in the screenshot below. So this function should be: =IF (COUNTIF (D2:D2, E2) > 0, E2, " read more

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CCTV exposure Shanghai love breast slimming sequela

1, Shanghai love just makes a deceitful, the false breast weight loss information "charges" to the portal. In fact love in Shanghai included news has been adjusted, a considerable part of the breast weight are not included in the love of Shanghai news news, including TOM gznet, the news may not be love Shanghai news included, not to mention the love of Shanghai ranked in the home related news.

According to the Shanghai

hey, the portal can really benefit from

, a breast slimming soft release sequelae become more valuable. read more

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Analysis of how the love Shanghai know the hair of the chain skills

This is a lot easier to make new

don’t all take the chain

special chain optimization:

multiple pages outside the chain, little chain home page

is a new account just registered the link, is certainly very difficult to pass, so it is time to a new account, it is best not to add links in question; have level after answering the questions and links, through probability will increase greatly.

, outside the chain to multiple sites within the page, not the home! So you can avoid the risk effectively, but also conducive to the visitors, quickly find the most suitable content, and to improve the page rank very helpful. read more

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