Month: November 2017

Laugh at the classified information website and PR who controls the future

to tell you the truth, in my eyes, the 58 is three of them the most low-key one, will only buy links, put an advertisement in Shanghai love silently, the pursuit of ascension. Now, 58 do not know how to start a high-profile work, direct tv advertising, and select the popular actress Yang Ming endorsement, advertising language is also very humorous called "a magical site".

, any area of search results are not the same, but also similar, almost all is 58, go to the market, people oriented, also you can also see the market promotion in Shanghai, 58 people have sex, of course, is also doing, competition is quite hot! > read more

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Shanghai Longfeng station is transformed into a search engine optimization master Road

, a Shanghai Longfeng optimal learning method

1, how to learn

said what is so much purpose? Is to tell everyone to learn to move the brain, what the article is useful, what kind of argument is needs to discuss, not others echo. Different level of Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology to master and understand is different, see article for the content of judgment is different, not to let you take the subjective thinking arbitrary conclusion, but at least to doubt for research and prove, learning is to discard the dross and select the essence. read more

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