Valentine’s Day is approaching cross border electricity supplier started the pink campaign is also

tiger sniffing note: near the February 14th western "Valentine’s Day", has been promoting domestic electricity supplier marketing tactics tacit agreement, the first wave of cross-border electricity supplier in 2014, ushered in the first Valentine’s day of 2015, how to seize this opportunity to promote? A "pink campaign" has been quietly started. Hugo, author of the network selected a few representative cross-border electricity supplier, on the Valentine’s day, they played a summary of the. read more

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3 suggestions for measuring trust in foreign trade website

trust can affect customer retention rate, which is an important measure of online loyalty. A low level of trust may prevent visitors from maintaining a continuous, ongoing online relationship. A bad experience may give the user the option to abandon the product, transfer to another site, or call for customer service support. This is very unfavorable for e-commerce sites. To establish metrics that accurately reflect the trust of the user experience, it is necessary to understand the user experience mechanism or process, and then find a way to continue to measure and improve the mechanism. Here, we focus on the construction of foreign trade web site to measure the 3 recommendations of online trust. read more

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From the Alibaba investment picture low key shopping search taking Tao Tao search

ChinaVenture Beijing time on September 2nd afternoon news, news shows, the Alibaba group in April this year, a low-key investment called Tao Tao search (, photo shopping search field layout. This website will be officially launched at the end of September, Taobao, Alibaba with the intention to open up the full range of products, the integration of B2C enterprise.

It is reported that

, the predecessor of the Tao Tao search "is hosted by purchase win in Taobao ‘TOP application contest Championship 2009". read more

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Analysis the Tmall B2C Jingdong shopping time

see Jingdong in UNIQLO mall, want to write a view on the current electricity supplier. UNIQLO from only one Tmall official flagship shop to Jingdong mall shop, the two largest in Chinese business platform, coupled with their own official mall, is the electricity supplier layout complete.

Tmall and Jingdong fight hand to hand with

and Tmall mall between Jingdong and therefore smoke. March 8, 2015, Alibaba announced the removal of Wang Yulei, President of Tmall. At the same time, its electricity supplier platform (Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan) unified management, Zhang Jianfeng is responsible for. The Jingdong store wantonly into the POP business, which is also called the open platform to attract more third party store settled Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong is in 2013 on 2015 when the self-employed and POP business ". read more

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Honey bud four executives leave another cross border electricity supplier to close down nsiders res

has gone through two or three years of fiery, cross-border electronic business platform for children this year is not too good, in March, honey Amoy bankruptcy, in August, the hot mom to help lay off the electricity supplier business. Yesterday afternoon, the cross-border mother and child electricity supplier honey bud four executives have left, the four were: CTO Zong Dong, Gui Bowen, general manager of cross-border business, O2O and m m head of the people’s Republic of China, vice president of operations, Du Ping. read more

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When the Jingdong start another price war is not cheap without the bottom line or on the rocks of la President Li Guoqing

has recently stunned the personal independence of conduct, to push themselves to the public opinion in the teeth of the storm.

, President of Li Guoqing face the media continued shelling of Taobao, said Ma did not dare to fake the "action", said that should be "genuine fake according to the selling price in general merchandise, compared to the bad behaviour of certain businesses" fake goods sold seriously ", a remark caused an uproar in the industry. read more

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Zhou Hongyi as their own work a lifetime of work

I think some people have misunderstanding of entrepreneurship. They start to understand several brothers started a company, go back to printing several boxes of name card, I called you call the chairman of the board of directors, chief executive officer, his classmates on the neck hung a CXO, the name is special, also do not know what that means. If the understanding of entrepreneurship is wrong.

I hope everyone to understand entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship as a state of mind, in order to achieve a goal, tireless pursuit. As long as you are not satisfied with the status quo, the idea of trying to break through, that is entrepreneurship. If you are a student, is engaged in the computer, if you are not satisfied with just the credit well, not satisfied with the exam well, but spent a lot of time to improve your programming skills, a great effort to study a lot of software, it is business. Learning is like this, the work is also the case, as long as you face up to the problem, the courage to solve the problem, the courage to take the risk of the future, which is actually entrepreneurial mentality. read more

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China express industry group was cut apart tact to act against three peers

Nandu: Song Xiaowei China drawing express industry group "cut apart" rhyme, Huitong, pass the

in action

(micro-blog) a franchisee of Fuzhou is still "last ditch".

since June 2nd, a sudden "work" in a number of outlets in Fuzhou Yuantong Gulou District, Jinan District, Taijiang area spread, caused every day 20 thousand -3 10000 courier can not reach the customer. Although the customer service reply "house led to the backlog of shipments to delivery", but the reporter later learned that the investigation, "the site of Fuzhou Yuantong investment to Gulou District, Jinan District, Taijiang district and to recover into direct is caused by the franchisee to boycott the ultimate cause of downtime. read more

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Zhang Yong talk about Ali’s future layout a comprehensive nternet business upgrade 30 trillion new


technology news Beijing time on October 13th evening news, Alibaba before the annual shareholders’ meeting held in Hongkong, the group CEO Zhang Yong issued a letter to shareholders, in the past fiscal year Ali group’s development and shareholder communication, and expounds the Alibaba on the four point judgment and the layout of the future. Among them, the use of the Internet and the idea of a comprehensive reform and upgrading of the retail industry to help the traditional retail business of the Internet, Ali is the most important in the future business layout. read more

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A group of 28 anniversary of the United States online blowing technology huge benefits of rotation

"28!" the 28 anniversary of the opening ceremony, the United States has opened on November 21st -23 hot, to offer consumers a number of benefits and discounts. The opening of promotional activities now for a period of 3 days has quietly ended, the next will bring to the United States online what the gospel to consumers? It is understood that after the opening ceremony, Gome online and on the 24, set off a huge benefit tide technology great in strength and impetus.

compared to the opening period of preferential activities, the United States online promotional objectives more clearly, mainly for the current trend of the times the most popular science and technology products for large concessions. Activities in the computer, mobile phones, digital, accessories, watches, cars and other categories of technology products. The United States launched the online mobile phone during Thanksgiving 5 fold, computer straight down 1400 yuan, 1 yuan 1000 yuan purchase of new energy car coupons, Chevrolet car first, and then back to 5 yuan per gram of gold, outdoor sports jackets super cheap, the lowest 99 yuan and other activities. In order to facilitate the purchase of consumers, the United States has also opened a wide range of different categories of special promotions, such as mobile phones, computers, etc.. read more

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Express package to tell you what the electricity supplier entrepreneurship dark city

express data has become an important indicator of e-commerce. National Bureau of statistics data released in the first half of this year, the national courier service business revenue reached 119 billion 570 million yuan, an increase of 33.2%, courier parcels amounted to 8 billion 460 million, an increase of 43.3%. Through the express package, let us look at what are the electricity supplier venture dark city?

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Tianya domain hostage event tracking analysis

There’s something wrong with the Tianya community

related read more

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The jeweler test of electronic commerce Zhongbao silverwae shop in B2C

, according to people familiar with the operation of the traditional jewelry business in Shanghai Zhongbao silverwae shop has recently been on the test of electronic commerce, its website B2C Po network has been on the line.

according to the source, Shanghai Zhongbao silverwae shop currently has 8 chain jewelry store in Shanghai, the annual income of nearly 10 million yuan. The company to build e-commerce platform Po network has been more than half a year, the Department has several ten employees, some of them from the grand Internet Co. According to him, had called Po net line at the beginning of 8 get a network, the domain name is In a recent revision, it was renamed Po net, the domain name was changed to read more

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Consumption insurance into a new field of how to break the eleven double insurance


technology news November 9th afternoon, 11 double is approaching, followed by "return shipping insurance", "logistics breakage, insured insurance and other insurance related heating consumption.

data from the Ant King of an insurance platform, consumer insurance users have more than 300 million, while Taobao Tmall platform to serve small and micro businesses more than 400. In the first three quarters of 2016, consumer insurance premiums on the ant insurance platform grew by more than 50%, an increase of more than 80%. read more

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Personalized customization from B2C to C2C change

industry overview

With the development of more

network Web2.0, customized industry continues to flourish, the larger changes in consumer consumption patterns, change the concept of consumers, personalized custom is an emerging industry, is a new economic model. According to an authoritative American research institutions a report wrote: "change ten technology" in the future, "customized" was ranked in the first place, this judgment is the trend from the market. Two factors lead to differences in consumer demand for products, one is consumer differentiation, the two is the difference between the level of consumer income and value judgments. Cater to the consumer business is personalized to focus on the idea to meet consumer demand. read more

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After the discussion with the 85 1 everyone needs Mentor world no miracle

and 85 after the discussion (I)

everyone needs Mentor, there is no miracle in the world

our company now has nearly 4000 people, I think there must be Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon. The cream of the crop, there are 40 great talents. However, even if there is no genius, seniors help, finally will also become mediocre, is not what great things. For example, every diving champion, behind a coach to help him. Without a coach, you have to go the wrong way and have to reinvent the wheel. No coach, you fell in the water many times do not know where is wrong, may wait for ourselves when disabled, will understand the reason is very simple, is the clamping legs, legs straight, abdomen, jump. read more

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PO puzzle has not much VC PO the only way to offer money

two as the rapid expansion of the electricity supplier giant, Jingdong has a banner mall, VANCL benchmark function in the industry, has universal significance are listed. But to Mcglaughlin, shares fell after the listing, IPO handle failure for reference, how and where customers become Jingdong listed on the face of difficulties and problems on present should break through

The current

, China website: lashou IPO movement frequently hit the U.S. NASDAQ capital market declined; Jingdong mall and launch price war; the original plan in the fourth quarter of 2011 listed the, with vice president Wu turnover, listed on the road become whirling mall listing plan; Jingdong has slow potential. But the front has been in the capital market China expose fist website also came the "half-dead" signal, Mcglaughlin, shares have shrunk. read more

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E commerce the stage to achieve grassroots dream

would like to create a miracle to the network, it is necessary to sell to e-commerce. In Lining’s words: anything is possible. I said: I will see.

electronic commerce is becoming more intense, from the shop to the network and then to the formation, these hidden sales force, become a reality in the network, there is no in-depth understanding of e-commerce, Taobao does not know a year there are nearly billion transactions, what is this concept, in short, pull over individual finger and toe are incomputable. read more

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Shop 1 snapshots can be updated to sell fake health care products shop closed down

consumers get ten times compensation, someone’s business was shut down

– "buy fake health care complaints after all key records are deleted track in the

Shop No. 1

– the new express reporter Fu Yuliang

Shop No. 1 to buy fake health care products, the key record after the complaint was deleted. 10, the new Express reported the news, causing widespread concern of consumers and users (see A13 April 10th). Yesterday afternoon, the 1 shop through a public relations firm reply, insisted that the user records of the shop No. 1 anyone can not arbitrarily modify or delete. For the exposure of the key information is deleted, the 1 shop said it would further improve the snapshot function. In addition, when the consumer has received ten times the compensation, someone businesses were shut down. read more

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Smoking cessation market waiting for you to open up

at present, smoking cessation products is a new choice of TV shopping products, all in the new technical method to quit smoking, quit smoking and detoxification tea series Miller Ya smoking oil, transfer of external treatment simultaneously, effectively remove tar residue, the nicotine in cigarettes at the same time, a new concept and sufficient profit space, can make products the dealer has fully operational space.

cigarettes contain a large number of benzene and tar, as well as a variety of carcinogenic radioactive substances. A large number of scientific studies show that 90% of lung cancer patients are caused by smoking. Past studies have shown that at least 60% of men with bladder cancer in western countries are caused by smoking. Tobacco products in the past had a greater risk of cancer due to mold. read more

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