Young people need to go through those stages of entrepreneurship

introduction: now more and more people choose to start a business, entrepreneurship has become a lot of self realization and wealth to achieve the most effective way. Judging from the current entrepreneurial force, young entrepreneurs is still the main force. So young people need to go through several stages of entrepreneurship, please see below.

The first phase of the

entrepreneurship Guide: identifying business concepts and setting business goals.

"first we must establish the enterprise standard". This is the operator (or entrepreneur) business philosophy, the so-called corporate creed, simply means that enterprises should take what kind of way of life; what kind of conditions depend on what kind of content management and organization; what kind of human; to establish what kind of scale form; what kind of style to achieve; what kind of goals. read more

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Yu Jinbo associate professor of entrepreneurship at Career Technical College Yancheng

than ordinary higher education, higher vocational education is more practical, skilled, for college students to participate in entrepreneurship practice has an important role. To guide college students to start a business will help to improve the proportion of college students and success rate.

12 11, Career Technical College, Yancheng, Ningbo University, Yu Jinbo, vice president of the invitation for the whole school teachers and students of the higher vocational college students entrepreneurial project guidance seminar. Activities in the graphic information center academic lecture hall, a total of more than 360 teachers and students to participate in the event, the lecture by Sun Weifang, vice president of Yancheng industrial Career Technical College. read more

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Jiangsu CP usher in this year’s lowest moment

with the rapid development of the economy, the consumption capacity of residents in life is also significantly improved, the original consumer prices should have been rising, but this year ushered in the lowest CPI Jiangsu. In August, the cost of living is cheaper, do you feel it? Yesterday, the Jiangsu Provincial Price Bureau informed the province’s recent major commodity price movements. Reporters learned that, in August, Jiangsu consumer prices rose 1.9%, fell into the "era of the 1", while a record low of 9 months. With the increase in the amount of live pigs and freshwater fish market, fish prices continued to fall last month. read more

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Marketing strategy of chain convenience store

the daily life of people cannot do without the convenience store chain, many entrepreneurs want to get rich to open a chain of convenience stores, and convenience store business is not as easy as you think, also need a certain marketing strategy, Xiaobian now for you to share.

A, investment convenience store, select the appropriate location is very important, this is the most important factor in the success of the convenience store. Many convenience stores are set up in the community and entertainment facilities more concentrated areas, making it easier for customers to shop. read more

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Hong Kong Style dessert business harvest delicious wealth

in China, the catering business is always very popular with investors. Especially in the improvement of people’s lives today, the proportion of leisure catering market is growing. Hong Kong Style dessert is the first to a variety of plants, fruits as raw materials, add natural fine sugar, slow and slow by the transfer of sugar and stew. After development, the traditional desserts, Chinese and Western and nourishing stew has become the main component part of Hong Kong style dessert. With the passage of time, Hong Kong Style dessert has gradually been accepted by the Chinese mainland, and has become a new hot service industry. read more

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People can not lack the necessary goods to bring business opportunities

pharmaceutical industry violence has been the majority of consumers know, will not repeat them, life will be more or less sick, drug this time effect is reflected, in today’s market economy, investment into the industry will let you realize her dream of getting rich!

You read more

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nvestment fashion jewelry store tips

now in social life, some of the popular jewelry is very popular, especially a lot of people for fashion jewelry is a special liking. How to open a fashion jewelry store? What skills to speak of?


shop location techniquesThe first store opened

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Top ten brands of cabinets

in the modern home life, the cabinet is a very important aspect, because of this, will allow the cabinet market has a lot of brands. Cabinets, kitchen kitchen utensils and cooking operation of the platform, can be said to be the first big kitchen. In the choice of cabinets, brand, quality, price and so on are important reference factors. Small series here to sort out the top ten brands of cabinets for readers reference.

cabinet ten brands list NO.1: IKEA

1943 was founded in Sweden, home style diversity, simple and generous. read more

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Women opened a specialty pot shop to earn millions

said the hot pot is now the leader in the food and beverage industry, the majority of entrepreneurs in the choice of the food and beverage industry into almost all considered hot pot project. Now Hot pot in the catering industry project is everywhere, all kinds of special Hot pot shops throughout the high streets and back lanes are welcomed by consumers, all kinds of flavor and favor, bring a lot of business opportunities for the market, then open the Hot pot shop has also become entrepreneurs of the small investment project. read more

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Shop location to see how McDonald’s dry

double eleven Ali turnover of about 100000000000, so many people are talking about Ma, said he was personally destroyed the presence of Chinese stores. But the small does not agree, the basis of online store marketing, which is the fate of the community, take the food and beverage industry, the shape of the O2O, is the catering business line carried out like a raging fire, but the next line store still not unprecedented growth. In the catering industry, each restaurant owner knows that a good choice of the importance of location, so for such things very seriously, want to choose a good location, but the choice of a good address was not so easy. McDonald’s is the world famous fast-food brands, today to share this giant brand is how to choose the address. read more

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How to run a wedding company to earn millions

wedding is the most important event in people’s lives, so now people are very particular about the wedding, the wedding market is now very hot business. But the wedding is not an easy thing to do, to make adequate preparations.

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Restaurant location should pay attention to which points

food and beverage industry continues to develop, not only to provide consumers with a wealth of choice, but also to entrepreneurs to get rich opportunities. Some people want to open their own restaurant, in order to quickly enter the market, the site is very important. Restaurant location should pay attention to what? Let’s take a look at it.

strength, scale

select shops, in addition to the location and price, there are two important points, often easily overlooked: the strength of the developer and the size of the shops. Restaurant location depends on the strength of developers, on the one hand, can guarantee the engineering quality and the completion time of the shops; on the other hand, the business vision and their investment choices, more credible. read more

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Note and analysis of small business

as the saying goes, people work better to work for yourself, here speaks to their work as we all know, the meaning of which is to be your own boss, in other words, is to open a store, people want to open a store to try, but this small shop is also need to pay attention to some of the link.

1, interest is the pilot

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The real white collar couple highly educated white collar couples to sell Shenzhen small Liangju

couple are graduate schools, have a decent job in Shenzhen, a house and a car have a son and a daughter, the couple chose white-collar small fish sellers, his family left Shenzhen to return to Jiangcheng 1000 kilometers away in Wuhan, another life.

since last year, soaring housing prices in Shenzhen overnight, Shenzhen do not know how many millionaires achievement. Of course, most of these rich men’s wealth is concentrated in real estate – real estate. Real cash, for their own decompression, to support a little worse than the second tier provincial cities, the beginning of a new life. Maybe a lot of people want to live like this, but really want to put into action, leave Shenzhen, would you? read more

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How to open a successful campus milk tea shop

this year, want to open a successful campus milk tea shop is not so easy a thing, need to accumulate more business knowledge, otherwise can only helplessly watched his shop for high rent. So how to successfully open a campus milk tea shop, entrepreneurs can learn from the following content.

how success to open a tea shop on campus? When entrepreneurs determined to open a tea shop, put in front of the first question is, what is the core of milk tea shop. Location? Is the price? Or tea shop brand? read more

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Ren Xiaoqian magic man camera closest to my entrepreneurial intention

now a lot of camera class APP, therefore, only features to attract users. Ren Xiaoqian team developed the first product is not magic diffuse camera, but it is the closest to her entrepreneurial intention of the product: to help people express humor and personality, to create more fun in life. Magic man camera has so far no attempt to make any profit, Ren Xiaoqian’s answer at first glance almost ideal to self willed, as long as it can not charge no fees."

subtraction cut out of the explosion of read more

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Online entrepreneurship can not always rely on imitation

online entrepreneurship can do? In the face of increasingly fierce competition, how to transform the online platform? These are actually entrepreneurs need to face the problem. Many entrepreneurs do not know how to solve the situation on the basis of simple imitation to change the dilemma, and with the development of the entire Internet industry, Xiao Bian remind you, online business can not always rely on imitation.

in today’s network, more and more young people are calling to start a business. But now China’s Internet rules and interest groups have formed a chain, entrepreneurship is not as easy as a decade ago. Renren President Shen Boyang recalled: in 2010, he has been responsible for the network of foreign cooperation and open platform, he proposed the idea of buying. read more

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What is the way to run a cafe

cafe is a lot of friends choose to invest in a project, coffee in people’s lives more and more important, so to run the cafe, it is very good. So, what are the ways to run a coffee shop? Xiao Bian for this is a detailed introduction.

coffee shop as a rich industry, popular fashion people, in addition to the money can also take into account the pursuit of quality of life, it is the best choice. So many people love the culture of the entry of the business operation of the cafe, the cafe has a rich cultural atmosphere, so as to make the cafe more attractive. In fact, the current domestic large, medium and small cities have raised the upsurge of operating a cafe. read more

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Underwear stores in order to be successful should pay attention to what

underwear market development is more and more popular, many investors have also joined the ranks of the underwear to join, but want to run a successful underwear store, need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1, funding is guaranteed

" financial strength is the most basic. ": it is understood that the agent wants to buy a underwear, in addition to agency costs, but also includes the cost of sales team, warehouse expenses, transportation costs and tax inspection and so on. In addition, the most important thing is the flow of funds. read more

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Suitable for 80 of our business rich project

with the development of the times, and now there are many young people are faced with the situation of unemployment, rising prices so that a lot of people feel the pressure, then a thousand dollars a small entrepreneurial achievements of 80 million millionaires. Perhaps thousands of dollars in the eyes of some people just eat a meal, drink a bottle of wine, but for entrepreneurs, this is a few thousand dollars to build the cornerstone of this small entrepreneurial myth! After 80 female college students entrepreneurial story for us to light up the wisdom of small businesses. read more

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